about barenx


It is natural for females to take measures to increase their beauty and to be more desirable.
For many decades in China, it was custom for the ladies to bound their feet to make them smaller. They endeared excruciating pain to do so, some not even able to walk anymore.
There have been similar accounts around the globe.
Every country in different periods of time, in order to meet their aesthetic standards in line with their time, paid a high price.
The same is true of modern women. Especially when it comes to the shoes we wear.
So many view high heels as the means of feminine attraction.
It makes the lady’s legs appear even longer.
The design of a high heel shoe put most of your weight on your toes and metatarsals.
No matter if you are wearing for even a brief time can cause permanent damage

So, What is the real beauty? What is the eternal beauty?
The fact is very simple,
Health is beautiful, comfort is beautiful, simple is beautiful,
These will never go out of style.

Throughout the international and domestic shoe design trends, comfort and free mobility have been sought after

Barenx is created in this context in 2016
We are interested in Micro-heeled, Flat-heeled, and the most comfort in a shoe as possible.
Comfortable, simple, environmental protection, health is what Barenx products stand for.
Barenx emphasizes the use of quality, minimalism, and comfort to attract users.
Barenx products are comfortable and simple to wear.